Meirom law office is a boutique Israeli law firm guided by the core values of serving its clients with the highest level of professionalism, dedication, and integrity. In order to exceed our client's expectations and needs as they relate to customer service, satisfaction and legal solutions, the law firm's mission is to offer its clients an uncompromising approach for excellence. 

Our offices are located at 21 Leonardo De vinchi St., Tel-Aviv, next to the Tel-Aviv district court and the Jewish Agency.

Since its establishment, the law firm acquired itself with an excellent reputation offering its clients personal attention and expertise throughout the entire legal service engagement period.  

The law firm primarily focuses on commercial and civil matters, and offers full legal and business assistance to enterprises, deal structuring, litigation, merger and acquisition, real estate, planning and construction, municipal law, winding up and dissolution of societies, corporate restructuring, including restructuring of agricultural cooperative societies, legal opinion to senior executives, representation of corporate and statutory organizations, arbitration, legal and business negotiation with governmental authorities regarding the Promotion of large scale projects .

Areas of Expertise

Corporate Law
corporate, associations, cooperatives, insolvency, banking and ad-hoc arrangements. 

Real Estate
planning and construction, taxation, buying, selling or constructing various types of real estate properties for business activities.

Commercial Law
investment agreements, partnership agreements, purchase agreements, and incorporation documents.

Over the years our firm gained reputation and experience in many areas of cooperation law and other law aspects regarding the rural - "moshavim" and "kibbutzim. inter alia our firm engaged with managing extremely complex insolvency proceedings and providing legal representation to cooperatives both in commercial aspects and in internal management and economic management aspects, including restructuring processes.

Civil Law
inheritance, wills, prenuptial agreements.

Legal Representation in Claims of defamation and invasion of privacy.

advocate Haggai Meirom acquired a vast experience as an arbitrator and a mediator in a complex civil and commercial conflicts, including disputes regarding  kibbutzim.